Three Times To Use A New Car's Eco Mode

15 August 2023
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When you visit a local dealership to look at new cars for sale, it's important to familiarize yourself with what driving modes a particular car has available. Many new cars have multiple driving modes; often, you'll see at least an eco mode and a sport mode. Switching into either mode, which you can do with the press of a button, changes how the vehicle drives. Many people like buying cars that have eco mode, as this mode reduces fuel consumption so that you aren't burning through your tank of gas as quickly. Here are three times to use your new car's eco mode.

Running Errands

While there are numerous benefits to using a car's eco mode, you'll also notice some performance changes. Whereas using the vehicle's sport mode will allow you to accelerate quickly, acceleration is slower in eco mode — which is one of the reasons that this mode helps to save gas. It's often sensible to use eco mode when you're running errands around your community. This is a type of driving that rarely requires you to accelerate quickly and pass other vehicles. Mostly, you'll be driving at a slow pace and stopping frequently. Eco mode will be perfectly suitable for this type of driving.


It's also a good idea to switch your new car into eco mode when you're commuting. This type of driving may represent a considerable percentage of your weekly vehicle usage, so it's ideal to be in a mode that helps you to save fuel. For many people, much of their commute takes place in stop-and-go traffic. These are conditions in which rapid acceleration is rarely needed. Your vehicle's eco mode will allow you to easily keep pace with traffic, whether it's crawling along or has picked up speed in a certain area.

Driving Long Distances

While there may be occasional times on long trips that you want to switch into sport mode — which is easy to do while you drive — there are merits to staying in eco mode as much as possible. If you're not in a big rush and don't plan to be constantly passing cars on the highway, eco mode will allow you to travel at a comfortable pace and save gas in the process. Some people are leery about taking long trips because of fuel expenses, and using eco mode on a road trip will unquestionably have you filling up less frequently. 

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