Taking Care Of Your Luxury Car's Leather Seating

13 May 2017
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If you are interested in purchasing a luxury car, you are most likely concerned about keeping it looking new for as long as possible. Many people opt for leather seating as it is comfortable and gives a favorable impression to those who ride inside the vehicle. Keeping leather in good condition requires some upkeep. Here are some tips you can use to help in maintaining the appearance of your leather seating.

Avoid Hazards To Keep Your Seats Free From Damage

Do your best to seek out a parking spot in a shaded location when sunshine is abundant. This will keep your seats fading and reduce the chance of the leather getting dry and brittle. A sunshade can be placed in your windshield and a seat cover can be placed over any leather in direct sunlight to minimize this risk as well. When getting into your vehicle, check your clothing for any sharp protrusions such as open safety pins, belt buckles, or rivets so they do not scrape against the material. It is also wise to place any personal items on the floor, in the console, or in a basket kept on the floor to keep your leather from becoming damaged.

Make The Time To Clean Your Seating Often

Failing to clean your vehicle's interior regularly can lead to it looking dull rather quickly. Debris is transferred to the seating from clothing and items you bring into your vehicle when you take it for a ride. It is a good idea to invest in a vacuum cleaner you can use in your car to help you remove any dirt that lands on your seating. This should become part of your cleaning routine. Make sure to hold the vacuum attachment a bit away from the seating as you remove debris so it does not accidentally scrape against the leather, possibly marring it with scratches as a result.

Condition Your Seats To Keep Them From Drying

Leather seating can dry out if it is not conditioned regularly. Ask your vehicle dealership for the specifications regarding your seating so you know exactly what types of products are recommended to keep the leather in a pristine state. A call or visit to the model's webpage should give you additional information in helping you make a choice in brand of conditioner. This liquid agent is applied to the seating with a soft piece of material. It should be added in a circular motion so it gets into crevices and the pores of the material. If you use too much conditioner, wipe off any excess with another piece of dry cloth.