3 Things To Look For When Buying A Used Car For Your Teen Driver

17 May 2017
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When buying a used car, you know many of the qualities to look for already, such as how many miles are on an existing vehicle and whether the tires look to be in good condition. When buying a car for a teenager you want to make sure you choose a vehicle that is safe and reliable as well as provides many of the comforts a teenager would want in a ride. Here are things to look for when buying a car for a teen driver.

Auxiliary input

While you may be perfectly content in a vehicle that comes equipped with a CD player, your teenager will likely be more interested in a ride that comes with an auxiliary input. This input allows them to plug in their device so they can listen to music of their own choosing via downloaded playlists or a favorite music app. Many older models of vehicles lack this technology unless their sound system has been upgraded, so check for this perk when shopping among used cars that are several years old.

Large mirrors

Extended or large rear view and side mirrors can allow your teen to have better visibility on the road. This is a feature commonly found on larger vehicles such as SUVs and trucks. You can talk to a car dealer about having larger mirrors placed on a used car when you buy it if it doesn't have this added safety benefit already, and many dealers will be happy to accommodate this need to make a sale.

Extra trunk space

If your teen will be taking their new car with them to college, you will want them to have extra trunk space. Seek a used car with additional trunk space, such as certain models of Hyundai, so your teen has all the space they need to transport their belongings as they transition in life. If you cannot find a used car with ample trunk space, then opt for a vehicle that has a luggage rack for easy carrying of large loads of belongings.

A safe and reliable vehicle is always your first priority when shopping for a car for a teenager. There are many used models on the market that can meet both your budget and the features you need. Talk to your dealer about what you are looking for so they can locate you the best cars for both your budget and your personal preferences so your shopping experience can be a successful adventure.