4 Steps For Checking Your Own Transmission Fluid

5 June 2017
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It is important that you know not just how to check your oil but also your transmission fluid on your vehicle. Your transmission fluid plays a very important role in maintaining your vehicle. It allows your transmission to work correctly by helping it smoothly shift from one gear to the next. Over time, your transmission fluid become contaminated due to particles that naturally get into the transmission fluid. Here is how you can check and make sure that the transmission fluid is in good shape.

#1 When To Check

You should not check your transmission fluid after you have been driving your vehicle around. The fluid inside of your transmission can get really hot while you are driving, which is why it is best to check out the transmission fluid when your engine is cool. Try to check the transmission fluid before you do any driving for the day to ensure that you don't get burned by any steam that releases from the transmission fluid container.

#2 Find Transmission Fluid Cap

Second, you need to find the transmission fluid valve. To locate the valve, you are going to want to pop the hood of your vehicle. There are a few different symbols that are typically used to identify the transmission fluid cap. The cap may have a thermometer in the middle with a circle gear symbol around it, a water line with a circle gear symbol around it, or just a drop of water on the cap. Either of these three symbols indicate that you found the transmission cap.

The transmission fluid cap should pop off or screw off. You are going to want to remove the cap and set it aside.

#3 Check The Dipstick

Third, there should be a dipstick that you can pull out and look at. When you pull out the dipstick, you are going to want to observe how the transmission fluid looks, smells like and how it feels.

First, the fluid should look light colored and transparent. The fluid should not look dark or thick; transmission fluid is generally a red or pink color and very easy to see through.

Second, the transmission fluid should have a kind of neutral smell to it. It should not smell like it is burned or burning.

Third, when you should touch the fluid with your fingers. The fluid should feel slick and smooth. You should not be able to feel any particles in the fluid.

#4 Changing The Fluid

If the fluid smelt like it was burnt, was a dark color or was hard to see through, or have particles in it, you are going to want to flush out the transmission fluid and put new fluid in. Flushing out the fluid will get rid of all the old, dirty fluid all at once and ensure that only new and clean fluid is running through your system.

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