What To Look For When Buying Tires For Your Car

17 March 2019
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When you need new tires, you want to make sure your investment will last. You can buy used tires, but only if you know what you're looking for. That way, you buy tires that are still sound and have plenty of tread and miles left on them.

The right tires will last for many miles and come with a warranty. Before you buy just any type of tires, talk to your auto dealer or mechanic first so that you buy the tires that are best for your car. Here are things to look for when buying tires for your car.

Seasonal use

Do you have chains to put on your tires for winter, or do you need tires that have studs in them for winter use? If you already have winter tires that you switch to when the snow starts to fall, then traditional tires will be fine. If not, then consider all-season tires that have wide tread grips on them, so the snow won't cause your vehicle to slip and slide in the wintry weather. Your auto dealer will help you select tires that will help you stay in control of your vehicle at all times no matter what the weather is like.

Tread thickness

Do you put a lot of miles on your car in a year? Are you the owner of a faster vehicle that may use more tread for burnout or other purposes? The thickness of the tire tread of the tires you buy will determine largely how long you can expect your actual tires to last. The harder you are on your car or the more miles you put on your vehicle annually, the more tread and tread pattern variances you need on your tires for greater gripping.


The type of car you have and the type of tires you desire will affect the price. In general, the larger the tire, the more expensive your new rubber will be. If you have a specific budget, you may only be able to buy two tires at a time, buying two more tires later. If you want all four tires done at once, talk to your auto dealer about a payment plan to see if you can buy all your tires with a down payment and more payments over time. You can rotate your tires when you finally do get all your tread on your car so you can create more even tire wear.

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