Things That You'll Enjoy About a Compact SUV

9 November 2020
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When you're thinking about visiting your local auto dealer to buy a new vehicle, an SUV might be something that is appealing to you. Most manufacturers sell several models of SUVs, which means that you'll have a choice about which style will best suit your needs. When you think about an SUV, you might immediately picture a vehicle that is on the larger side. While it's true that there are several large SUVs on the market, another option is a compact SUV. Here are some things that you'll likely enjoy after buying and driving a new compact SUV.

It Feels Less Daunting

Some people feel a little daunted about driving full-sized SUVs. These vehicles are wider and longer than many other vehicles, which means that you may feel stressed about parallel parking, navigating tight one-way streets, and even getting the vehicle in and out of your garage at home. One thing that can be appealing about driving a compact SUV is that you'll likely feel more relaxed about doing so. Many compact SUVs are comparable in length and width to several conventional cars, which means that if you're used to driving a car, you may not notice a huge difference upon switching to a compact SUV.

It Gets Good Gas Mileage

If you do a lot of driving and you are concerned about how much money you'll spend on gas, a compact SUV can be a better choice than its full-sized counterpart. While the gas mileage of a compact SUV depends on a variety of factors — including several that relate to the vehicle itself and several that relate to how you drive — you'll generally find that these vehicles provide drivers with good gas mileage. In some cases, the gas mileage that you get from this vehicle may not be too far off what you'd get in certain cars.

It May Have More Storage Space Than You Expect

There are few better options than a full-sized SUV when it comes to storage space. Compact models, however, can often have a surprising amount of space for storage. Whether you have young children and you need to travel with strollers and other supplies, or you expect to take the vehicle on lots of road trips and you need room for luggage, a compact SUV provides you with lots of room behind the rear seats to carry whatever you need to take with you.