4 Car Features You Need In 2021

23 March 2021
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If you are ready to invest in a new car, you will want to make sure your new car has all the most modern features. A new car can last you years or even a decade or two, so you want to make sure it has the best possible features. Ask about these features when you visit a car dealership to shop.

Car Feature #1: 360-Degree Camera

Forget about a rearview camera. If you want a car that is on the cutting edge, you want a car with 360-degree cameras that allow you to see all around your car effectively. With a 360-degree view, there will be virtually no blind spots on your vehicle, and you will always have the best possible view when driving. You no longer have to strain to see to back up or parallel park; you will get all the help you need with your 360-degree camera.

Car Feature #2: Evasive Steering

As much as you want to think you pay attention at all times when you are driving, it is easy to get distracted, even if only for a few seconds. Those few seconds can make a big difference, though, which is why evasive steering assist technology comes into play. With evasive steering assist technology, if braking isn't enough to avoid an accident, your vehicle will provide steering support to help maneuver around whatever is in front of you and help to prevent or reduce the impact of an accident.

Car Feature #3: Smart Suspension

If you want to enjoy an exceptionally smooth ride, you will want to consider a vehicle with smart suspension. Smart suspension is a fully active suspension system that is electromechanically operated. That means that the system is actively adjusting the position of your vehicle's body to either decrease or increase the load on each tire to adjust to the terrain of the road, ensuring you get the smoothest possible ride.

Car Feature #4: Heads Up Display

The future has arrived with a heads-up display, which casts information you need to see onto your windshield, so you no longer have to look down at the infotainment system. You can choose what information you want on the heads-up display. Common information to display includes things such as directions, audio selections, fuel level, and speed. This allows you to really keep your focus on the road where it belongs.

If you are ready to invest in a brand-new car, you are going to want to invest in one with features that will be innovative and useful for years to come, such as a 360-degree camera, evasive steering, smart suspension, and a heads-up display.