3 Features For Your Next New Used Car

14 January 2022
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When it comes to purchasing a used car, you can purchase a vehicle with some miles on it and still get a vehicle with many great features. Used cars are not necessarily really old cars; as long as a car has some miles on it, it is a used car. Here are some features that have come out over the past few years that you should be able to find in a recent used vehicle.  

Adaptive Cruise Control 

Over the last few years, vehicles have been rolling out with adaptive cruise control. Adaptive cruise control takes regular cruise control, which has been around for decades, and improves upon it. With adaptive cruise control, your vehicle finally gets smart about maintaining a particular speed. Instead of keeping your vehicle at a set speed, with you having to turn the cruise control on and off to adjust for traffic flow, your vehicle takes care of this for you. 

Your vehicle will use sensors to measure the vehicle's speed in front of you and will use that information to slow down or speed up your vehicle, aiming to keep your vehicle within the desired range while also keeping you safe.  

Heated Seats & Steering Wheel 

If you live somewhere that is cold, you will want a vehicle that keeps you comfortable. You will want to look for a used vehicle that offers heated seats and a heated steering wheel. Heated seats will help you quickly warm up when you step into your car after walking through the cold. A heated steering wheel will help to warm up your hands and ensure that you have a solid grip on the steering wheel, even if it is cold in your vehicle.  


Most people haul around more than themselves in their vehicle. That is why you will want to look for a vehicle that offers plenty of storage options. You will want a vehicle with a large trunk or storage area in the back of the vehicle. A vehicle that offers the flexibility to fold down or remove seats also increases your storage abilities.  

Don't forget about small storage spaces either — you want a vehicle that offers places for you to hide small items out of sight, such as your wallet or your cell phone.  

A used vehicle can still be a useful vehicle. Look for a used vehicle that has adaptive cruise control if you spend a lot of time out on the road. If you live somewhere cold, ensure that your next used vehicle has heated seats and a heated steering wheel for enhanced comfort. Don't overlook the importance of having access to adequate storage when shopping for your next car.

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