The Job Of An RV Sales Assistant

15 August 2022
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Summer is a great time for camping. Loading up the car with tents and sleeping bags to make lifelong memories is a fun way to spend the season. RVs allow freedom to go to new places without worrying about weather restrictions and the stress of booking hotels.

A good RV sales assistant will help you find the right RV for you, new or used. Here is more information about RV sales assistants. 

What does an RV sales assistant do?

The most important job that an RV sales assistant does is to get you the RV that fits your needs best. They will be the first person that approaches you when you arrive at the dealership. RVs have many features that can vary from brand to brand. A sales assistant will walk you through the different capabilities of each option, keeping your necessities in mind. 

After deciding on an RV that fits your wants, the sales assistant will answer questions about financing and insurance, help you fill out forms and contracts correctly, and arrange delivery of your vehicle. They will be able to help you from the moment you step onto the lot until your RV is delivered.

How much does an RV sales assistant get paid?

An RV sales assistant is generally paid a base salary with additional income from commissions. Salary can increase based on experience, likeability, and persuasiveness. Income will change based on region, but the national average in 2022 is $49,812

In regions where there are more campers and tourists, the average salary for sales assistants is higher. For example, in Washington, where there is plenty of camping and mountains to see, the average salary is $60,746. But in Pennsylvania, where camping is less common, the average salary is $45,984. 

What are the ideal attributes of an RV sales assistant?

Usually, RV dealers prefer sales assistants to have at least a high school diploma and a couple of years of experience in sales. Working with an RV sales assistant with in-depth knowledge of the ins and outs of vehicles is a huge plus.  

By actively listening to your requirements, deal breakers, and budget, a quality sales assistant shows they value your time and needs. They will be upfront about prices, fees, and the characteristics of their products. 

So if you're in the market for an RV, look for a sales assistant who is caring, driven, and knowledgable. They will know whether a used RV will fit your needs or if a newer model would be suitable. Your time is important, and a quality associate will work to get you the best deal for your money.

Contact a new or used RV sales assistant to learn more.